Thursday, April 30, 2009

Killer Waves, Dude

Need this for my new office this Summer. This has been one of my favorite pieces of artwork for a very long time. Hokusai, for the win!

It matches my notebook.. haha

- Vince

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


If you were following us on Twitter yesterday, this might make a little more sense.

Let the Summer teasing begin! Keep checking back.

Oh yeah, if you missed out on the huge Karmaloop Kazbah sale, we'll be discounting all of our older stock very soon on our own webstore so keep checking back for that too! Low prices and even lower quantities so don't sleep!

- Vince

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

Warehouse shopping is fun!

By the way, many surprises on the way for Summer. Keep your ears to the ground.

- Vince

Monday, April 27, 2009

It's That Day Again..

You know what day.

- Vince

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mass Hysteria

Earlier this week, we were graced with the presence of our good friends in THE MASS'. As if it wasn't hot enough that day, these guys showed up. OH?! Haha

From what they tell us, it sounds like these guys are up to some pretty massive stuff (pun intended)! The amount of skill these guys have in the graphic design department is mind boggling so definitely make sure to keep your eyes peeled for their upcoming Sprummer drop in the coming weeks.

We ended up grabbing dinner with these guys at a Korean BBQ Buffet in Rowland Heights called FEEDABLE. Unfortunately, it was so damn hot that day that I didn't even feel like taking more photos, so I'll let Maca's shots do the talking. Here's a few..

Visit THE MASS' for the rest.

- Vince

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


As we prepare for another big Summer for both L&O and GRink, it's always nice to be reminded why we are doing these things in the first place. To secure our very own piece of the proverbial pie and give our lives purpose and meaning. So as we look into the future of our businesses, it's images and experiences like this horizon that keep our eyes on the prize and remind us that we are meant for something more.

Here's a few more shots from our trip to Laguna.

We all get so tied up with computers, cell phones, the internet, and cyber-socializing that we forget that we do actually live in a truly beautiful place. One day I hope to see all of it. Happy Earth Day.

We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.

- Vince

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

LAguna Lemon

This past Sunday we decided to pay a visit to our good friends in LA LEMON. Garrett is currently house-sitting at his aunt's Laguna residence so we thought that would be the perfect place to chill and find some inspiration for future projects. On our way, I found out what Yellowcard was talking about..

This house was definitely not a normal house. And the view was simply breathtaking. If I got to wake up to that every morning, I don't think I'd ever have another 'case of the Monday's'. Ever.

Garrett's aunt and uncle designed the house themselves and had it built on this particular corner of the hill. How they built such a spacious home on such an awkward location of the hill is beyond me. Architects are geniuses.

Apparently his aunt is an artist and a pretty damn good one too. The house is littered with her very own works of art.

Did I mention the phenominal view?

Eventually we came together and finally got down to business. We've been trying to sit these guys down to talk about working on something together for some time now, seeing as how both our brands grew up in a very similar scene and upbringing.

We all ended up getting hungry so Garrett took us to this spot called Taco Loco. Unfortunately I was only able to snap a shot of Matt's food. After that, I was too hungry to care and just ate. Sorry, I'll be more considerate next time!

Whatchu know 'bout YO-YO's?! Matt and I used to be addicted to these when we were younger and after some Spring cleaning in our garage, we unearthed our little collection. This one was like the equivalent of today's fixie - no gears. And apparently Brian had some skills too! We're bringin' it back!

Hakuna matata.

- Vince

Friday, April 17, 2009

On Tour

Our very good friends in the band Tiefighter are leaving for tour today and they needed some new merch for tour so I decided to help them out with a little design work. As you can tell, I'm still stuck in the days when 1 color was all you needed.

I'll always love the simplicity and boldness of old school punk and hardcore t-shirts and this is my ode to that age, with a little L&O flavor added, of course. I wanted to go with a band logo that summed up where they come from. Nothing says Southern California like a logo that looks like an earthquake just went through it. It's all in the details, remember? Pay attention!

And you know I had to sneak in our logo to go along with the lyrics from their 0:15 second song. All shirts printed here at GRink.

Check out Mike D catching some air!

If you want to get one of these shirts, make sure to catch them on tour throughout Spring and Summer. They will only be available on tour so go show them some love! Mike (Dear Life) is going to be filling in on guitar for them so make sure to show him some extra love for me!

Speaking of Dear Life, we've got some exciting plans coming up this Spring and Summer so watch out! And if you're wondering how we can juggle being in touring bands and running full time businesses.. I really have no idea. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

Viva los D.I.Y. mentality!

- Vince

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Ink

Pat just got a new tattoo. You may recognize these words..

And speaking of new ink, yesterday we met with our landlord to check out a new warehouse. In a few short months, we may find ourselves in a new and bigger location with a new and much bigger automatic screen printing press. This is what dreams are made of..

Oh yeah, we ordered a bunch of supplies from and Matt got a free t-shirt with our purchase. Grateful Dead, for the win!

- Vince

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Case of the Tuesday's?

I realize that today is Tuesday, but it feels like a Monday, and that definitely bums me out. Yesterday was actually pretty nice. Didn't have that feeling of utter depression over the fact that the work week is starting again. I guess it just didn't hit until today. At least I'm having a much better day than this mosquito. Let's just say he won't be having another case of the Monday's EVER again..

If you look closely, there's even some blood on the floor. Br00tal.

And speaking of better days, I made this omelet this past weekend. Bacon, grilled onions, bell peppers, cheese, and three eggs with some buttered toast and ramen on the side.


I need a vacation.

- Vince

Monday, April 13, 2009

Last Times

Just wanted you to know that we are down to the last few shirts for the Fast Times tee!

A little less than 15 of them are left in our stock and once they are gone, they are GONE. We are NEVER printing this design again so if you didn't get your hands on it yet, you better act quick before you miss out on a piece of our brand's history!

Like I said, this is the FINAL pressing and it is only available via our KARMALOOP KAZBAH page. And to make the deal even sweeter, all of our older stock is ON SALE right now at 40% OFF!

- Vince

p.s. Today isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I guess I can't discriminate against all Monday's.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Have you ever felt like life was moving a little too fast? Do you ever find yourself wishing that life would slow down for just a second?

Maybe just slow down enough to appreciate some of the finer things in life. The little things that get us through every single day. The things that keep us from going completely mental and ripping our hair out.

Like the way the trees and sky look right before the sun goes to sleep..

Filbert is like no cat I've ever met, and we're very happy he stuck around. Hopefully he'll stick around for a while longer to remind me that life ain't that bad. He just chills and lets me know that it's OK to slow down every now and then. Great cat.

Ever since our inception, we've been blessed with some amazing friends. Just want to thank you guys for everything and remind you that one day we're going to make it big and you're coming with us!

(For the record, Pat usually works pretty damn hard. I just happened to catch him on his break. Sorry bud!)

I decided to keep it simple with an Active complete. It's my first deck in years! It definitely brings me back to those good ol' days. Those carefree days. Those go-outside-and-play days. Unfortunately, I still suck. Practice makes perfect.. hopefully.

Matt's new bike. It's a hobby that seems to have spread quickly within our family of friends. It keeps them healthy, active, and always wanting more. It's time to bring back the go-outside-and-play era! Who's with me?

My new phone..

I was thinking of getting a Blackberry but decided not to for one main reason. If I got the Blackberry, I might never escape the internet and that is a pretty frightening thought. As useful as it is, I would prefer to leave my work AT WORK. When I'm at home, I like to be AT HOME. When I'm with my friends, I like to be WITH MY FRIENDS. If I had to bury my face into my phone all day long, I might lose my mind. I prefer a simple life and a simple phone.

As for the L&O stickers and decals, we'll be making a lot more for your cars, phones, and anything else you feel needs to be vandalized. Stay tuned!

I saw this sketchbook on sale at Barnes & Noble and just had to get it. I'm not much of a sketch artist, but I've been wanting a copy of this artwork for the longest time and this will have to do for now. There's something about it that just gives me a sense of peace and inspiration all at the same time. Time to start jotting down some Summer and Fall concepts!

Speaking of Summer and Fall, I wonder what we'll be using these little guys for..

- Vince