Friday, July 29, 2011

Pictures of a Floating World

I am proud to say that most of my friends are musically inclined and it always excites me when they have new music to share. ALWAYS. I've always connected to local music but there's something even more exciting about your very own friends making music. I don't know what it is but it never fails. Don't get me wrong, I don't just support my friends' music blindly without giving it a listen. I just happen to have very talented friends who actually make GOOD music. And that's probably why I get so excited.

On that note, I am excited to say that my very good friends in the band Silver Snakes have posted a new song titled "Lungs and Lanterns" from their debut album Pictures of a Floating World. You can listen to it now by visiting their band page on Facebook! Check it out!

Some of our other friends are also involved in this process as well. Silver Snakes recently inked a deal with a new record label called Siren Records which was started by our friend Donny Phillips. During the day, Donny is the art director over at Warner Bros. Records so naturally Donny also did all the artwork for the Silver Snakes record. Donny also used to be in a band called The Warriors and also did the artwork for our band Dear Life's album Framework. Donny also designed our Road To Hell t-shirt. The Silver Snakes album was recorded by Roger Camero who is in the band No Motiv who also happens to be signed to Siren Records now. Roger also recorded The Warriors and Dear Life. Steve Choi of RX Bandits produced the Silver Snakes record. You may have seen him wear an L&O tee or two at some point. Steve also lent his talents for guest instrumentals on The Warriors' and Dear Life's records. Lastly, our screen printing company Glad Rags Ink now prints Silver Snakes shirts. See what I did there? Friends helping friends helping friends helping friends. Talented, resourceful friends.

Pictures of a Floating World drops AUGUST 30TH so keep an eye out for that on Siren Records! Silver Snakes will be your new favorite rock band by the end of the year. Guaranteed.

- Vince

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

SUMMER 11 Teaser

We know we're running late on this but you know how it is. We run a screen printing company called GLAD RAGS INK where we provide services for other clients and companies so that tends to take precedence sometimes in front of our own line. We appreciate our customers so we want to make sure their work is done well in a timely manner. Unfortunately we do get busy and L&O suffers a little bit from it but we're working on it. We knew this day would come and now the challenge is figuring out how to keep up! That's what happens when you're D.I.Y.

Oh yeah, and we're also MOVING next month into a 12,000 sq ft office and warehouse space in Pomona. We thrive under pressure. At least I hope we do!

With that being said, we finally finished off the line sheet for our Summer 11 release and we will be trying to fast forward through production, photo shoots, and everything else so that we can release it in a couple weeks. In the meantime, here's a quick little design teaser for you.

As production progresses, I will post up more teasers so stay tuned!

Things are about to get real wild around here in the next month or so. Don't blink.

- Vince

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mobile Monday - A Day Late, A Buck Short

As you can tell, it is not Monday. It is, in fact, Tuesday and this blog post is a day late. As usual, Glad Rags Ink has hit its stride once again and we are BUSY, to say the least. Printing nearly thousands of garments daily, sometimes it gets harder and harder to multi-task and get some work done for L&O. I'm not going to lie to you and pretend like we're Supermen doing much more than we can really handle. We're more like Clark Kent, except not as timid and lame. We're normal dudes with abnormally large appetites for ambition who just like to work really really hard. Straight up.

Yeah yeah, we know our Summer 2011 collection is late. Aren't we always "late" anyway? As if we have to conform to some kind of industry set schedule or something. We'll release it when we want to! And you'll like it! Well, at least we hope you do. We've gone with a very "California-coast" vibe once again and I think it should tickle your fancies like last year. T-shirts, tank tops, and a clean v-neck will most likely round out the collection along with a select amount of women's garments to keep the ladies smiling.

SNAPBACK. Yeah I said it. Later this Summer as part of a quickstrike release, we will be taking pre-orders for our very first snapback hat EVER. It will work similar to the pre-orders for our duffel bag. If you want it, you better order it! Details on that later.

And yes, we have chosen a winner from the Summer 2011 Photo Contest. We'll announce the winner and debut the t-shirt design once we finish editing and preparing it for our production.

We also have a bunch of collaborative projects, releases, and events coming up very soon so keep an eye out! It's about to get real exciting around here so we hope you're ready for the ride!

I realize I haven't included any photos in this post yet so if you're still reading along, kudos to you. But for those of you who need some visual aids, here's some recent photos from my iPhone in honor of Mobile Monday.. or Mobile Yesterday.

Neil from A Day To Remember sent me a picture message of bandmate Josh rocking our "Heavyweights" Tee at Warped Tour. If you look closely, you can actually see Neil wearing the "Road To Hell" tee in the reflection. Thanks guys!

Vincent from The Acacia Strain sent over a photo of the outside of their tour bus. L&O world tour!

Raphael Saadiq has a message for all of our haters out there.

- Vince

Thursday, July 14, 2011


One of our favorite things about running our own clothing brand is hearing from people that they saw one of our products somewhere. I receive text messages, MMS photos, emails, and Facebook/Twitter links all the time with people either wearing an L&O t-shirt or spotting a random sticker in a random public place. Most of the time I hardly see these things but when someone notifies me of their sightings, it usually makes my day. So THANK YOU!

Just wanted to share some sightings with you.. L&O REPRESENT!

Found some fan submitted photos of the homie Jonathan Vigil in Europe with his band The Ghost Inside.

More photos of Set Your Goals, Mr. Flores, and his L&O tank top sample on Warped Tour in Massachusetts courtesy of the Epitaph Records Facebook page.

Our good friend Art Cruz of Winds of Plague in Tokyo!

Our Canadian brother Karl on tour with Misery Signals somewhere in the world.

Neil of A Day To Remember rocking the "New Noise" tee in a promo photo in a random field.

Mark and Alex from Destruction of a King at a show last year at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA.

UFC fighter Gray Maynard.

A couple of our most loyal fans of L&O decided to brand their cars. Big thanks to Erik and Joe Vincent! Erik even made his own custom Dear Life decal, the band that my brother and I were in. Thank you for supporting multiple facets of our lives. It means the world to us.

And some fan/friend submitted sightings. Drew receiving his pre-ordered duffel bag with extra goodies. Thanks for the support homie!

Our friend Ramiro sent this over on Twitter. Spotted two dudes with L&O Box Logo tees at an Angels game on TV.

Random campsite.

Mobile advertising.

Product placement.

Looks like the Disneyland parking garage. Not too sure. But thanks!

If you have your own L&O sightings or have photos of yourself representing our brand, please send them to us! You can email us at or send them to us on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks!

- Vince
(photos courtesy of our fans, friends, the internet, Facebook, Twitter, Jeremy Saffer,, Epitaph Records and

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mobile Monday - Art In The Streets

A few weeks ago, my friend Raquel and I ventured to LA because we had been dying to check out the "Art In The Streets" art gallery at the Geffen Contemporary. Before I say anything else, make sure you allow yourself enough time to become fully immersed in all the artwork. We made the mistake of arriving a little bit late and we found ourselves rushing through the last pieces of art due to the closing time. The gallery includes art from notables like Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Keith Haring, Haze, KAWS, Mr. Cartoon, Estevan Oriol, and many many others. For more information, go HERE. Thanks to Banksy, it's actually FREE admission on every Monday. Happy Monday!

I must say, it has been a long time since I had been truly inspired again. Fun fact about our brand, everything started because of graffiti. None of us are actually graffiti artists but it was street art that influenced me in 2007 so much that I knew I had to talk to Brian about it. I knew he wanted to start his own streetwear project and at the time he had no one to join in with him. One night my brother and I were bored and we were browsing the internet and started looking at collections of graffiti artwork from around the world. The wheels in our heads started to turn and soon we were thinking, "What if we could combine our passion for printing t-shirts and the DIY punk hardcore scene with Brian's love of all things streetwear?" and just like that L&O was born.

After visiting the "Art In The Streets" exhibit, I definitely feel creatively rejuvenated and sometimes you really need that to jump-start that imagination again. Hopefully it shows in our next few collections.

Since it is Mobile Monday, enjoy all these photos from iPhone. I will let the images speak for themselves.

We ended up also visiting MOCA that day. It was my first time seeing this Jackson Pollock. Amazing.

- Vince