Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just D.I.Y.


It's Fall again and that means SPORTS are back! In the USA, all 4 major sports are active.. well, at least they should be. Big thanks to the NBA for the lockout! Sports fans everywhere rejoice during this time because you can't turn on your TV without being bombarded with some sort of sporting event. Your favorite team is back and it's team to represent with your teams' colors! This time around, we decided to take that inspiration and go with a more athletic, collegiate, and sports-related look for the first delivery during this colder season. Nothing shows who you pledge allegiance to better than sports merchandise and this is our dedication to that.

Check out the lookbook by clicking this link HERE or by clicking on the banner or image above!

Delivery 1 hits retailers starting next week and will be online soon after. Stay tuned for updates!

- Vince