Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Darrell says "Step your game up.."

".. and start bloggin!"

Vince again! This post shall be a photo montage of the last several days starting from Friday last week. The events include dropping off shipments at Rooted Movement and State of Mind, dinner with Markay before he left for Hawaii, our trip to San Diego to pick up our new heat press, and random pictures from Fall line production and hanging out. Enjoy!

Look what L&O bought us!..... not.

The Worst Damn Sports Show
starring Chuck D and Markay!


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pow! Right in tha kissa!

Hey guys! Vince here. I'm kinda too lazy to put a shitload of pictures in this post so I'll limit the pics and just link you to where they are :)

As you know, we finally took some time off on Friday for Pugo Fest IV. On Saturday, we decided to continue the fun for Baby Jase the King's 22nd birthday bash. The shindig was dubbed the "Pajama Jammy Jam" and took place at Danny Danger's. I'm sure you can guess the theme. DAM-Image Trends was on the scene taking care of things with DJ Fee-nam-eeh-nal AKA Dann Manahan handling the musical duties and David Manahan shooting some party shots.

You can view the party shots courtesy of DAM-IT by clicking here.
Debbie took some shots too!

If you're wondering what most of the guys are wearing, we printed some custom shirts in honor of Jase because he's simply an amazing guy and everyone loves him! Some of us dudes started a little thing called "Super Bro Sunday"; basically a celebration of life and friends and good times. Oh yeah, and bros hahaha! We took one of Jase's infamous "creep" pictures and made a knock-off of the famous OBEY Giant logo and printed it huge on a shirt for all the dudes. Good times, indeed!

Sunday and Monday were relaxing for the most part as well. On Sunday, we took a few acoustic guitars and some firewood to the beach and had ourselves a bonfire jam session. Tunes included selections from Smashing Pumpkins, Weezer, Green Day. Bling 182, and Saves The Day among others. Monday was pretty chill too. Handled some GLAD RAGS orders then made some time to hang out in our driveway until Jase's real birthday at midnight. We took our portable fire pit and put it in the driveway and made some s'mores.

Since then we've been working on the rest of our Fall 2007 line. We're actually printing it right now as I speak! Brian and Matt are in the front handling it while I'm in here taking care of emails and online orders and updating you on our lives :) We've actually got a few offers to be stocked in a couple shops here in Southern California and even possibly on the East Coast and overseas in the UK. Keep checking back for updates on that as we finish and release the rest of our line this week! New website and catalog coming soon!

Also, we recently did an interview with Hustle Hard Magazine. You can find it there or on their myspace blog. Check it out!

Thanks to the 99 Cent Store for supplying us with drinks for our endless days and nights of work. I made breakfast this morning for the three of us consisting of a tuna, cheese, and tomato omelet and some vienna sausage. I make pretty gnarly omelets, but apparently Brian isn't down for tuna or vienna sausage. Lame!

Ok, back to work!

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Friday night was our friend's 21st birthday bash (Happy Birthday David!). We here at LOUD& Obnoxious decided to take a break that night to make it down for the festivities.

Happy ? Birthday PUGO!

The night is JUST beginning

Behind the bar

This is Mike, he tends bars.

This is Mike's artillery.

Cactus Cooler Shot with Markay

Dann of DAM-ImageTrends with Justine

David of DAM-ImageTrends with his lady friend Andrea.

Darrell Manahan, Scott, Matty Mambo, Myself, and Beeh!

SCOTT WANTS YOOOOoOooOoOOoOU (I don't know how to type it like Soulja Boy)!!

Nancy and Daniel Danger

Dear Life Crew: Mikey Life, LX, Daniel Danger, VinceyPoo, Baby Jase the King, Matt.






And thank you DEBBIE TAN for all the pictures. :D

More pics of the weekend coming soon.