Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The "Collegiate" Tee & Hoodies

Taking the next step in life is always a huge decision. Sometimes that decision is to either go straight into the workforce or continue your education by going to college. We've always been intrigued by how American colleges and universities somehow made a particular style of typeface and seal into an iconic way to show your school colors through apparel. Here's our version of the collegiate seal. Welcome to Loud& Obnoxious University.

The "Collegiate" tees and hoodies are now available in our ONLINE SHOP and at select retailers. As usual all quantities are limited, especially the fleece. Both tees feature the collegiate seal on the front with varisty lettering on the back. Both MEN and WOMEN zip-ups feature the collegiate seal on the back with varsity lettering on the front with our rubber label on the right sleeve on the outer wrist.

Yes, you heard correct. We have WOMEN'S fitted zip-up hoodies too!


- Vince