Thursday, August 28, 2008

Overnight Shipping

Just a reminder that we will be in San Francisco this weekend Aug. 30th & 31st for the Dunkxchange festivities! We'll be driving out through the night tonight to arrive in SF early tomorrow morning so wish us luck! All tees will be $15 each with deals on multiple shirt purchases. The windproof lighters will be available for sale starting this weekend at DXC and are limited to 50. We'll have some other goodies as well so be sure to stop by at our table!

Come hang out both days! Saturday August 30th is the DXC x ACTIVE "SK8 DAY" and Saturday August 31st is the actual Dunkxchange. For more info please visit!

See all you Norcal-ers this weekend!

- Vince

Everyone Will Suffer!

The Acacia Strain has made it onto the Billboard 200! I just saw the news on and it says that their new album, "Continent", has debuted at #107 with roughly 5,500 copies sold! Huge congrats to Vincent, Jack, DL, and Kevin for this huge achievement!

L&O picked them up as an endorsement after Matt and I went on tour this past summer on the Sun Your Bunz tour with The Acacia Strain, All Shall Perish, Since the Flood, and our band Dear Life. We knew that Vincent was a sneakerhead and had a taste for streetwear prior to meeting them on this tour so we figured that at least we had something to talk about. To be honest, those dudes are so intimidating in real life but once you start talking to them you find out that they're all just teddybears!

They've been super busy for the past couple months promoting "Continent" and even went overseas to do some European tour dates. You'll be seeing a lot more fun stuff coming from them and us real soon. Keep an eye out!

To check out The Acacia Strain, visit!
And buy their new record "Continent" - in stores now!

- Vince

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Weight of the World

Tomorrow is a pretty special day for us at L&O. The Thrash & Burn Tour will be hitting the Los Angeles House of Blues tomorrow and one of our 'LOUD' bands will be performing. If you've been into the hardcore and metal scene for the last few years, then you've definitely heard about Misery Signals. Karl and the gang just released a new record this year called "Controller" and they've been on the road and overseas relentlessly touring in support of it.

You may remember Karl from our 'Repped' section in our Pictures gallery on our myspace. He's the one wearing the Fast Times shirt with no pants. Between myself, Matt, and Brian, Misery Signals has to be one of L&O's favorite bands of all time. Even since the days when some of the members were in a band called 7 Angels 7 Plagues, all three of us have been a fan of these guys and followed their music and lyrics for a very long time. You can imagine our excitement the day that we received a message from lead vocalist Karl Schubach asking about how he can work with us and be able to sport and promote our brand. We were beyond stoked, to say the least.

L&O has always been a supporter of the DIY ethic and the punk and hardcore influences that streetwear has absorbed so it was very fitting for us to pick up Karl and Misery Signals for an endorsement. It's pretty crazy that one day you're just a fan listening to your favorite band's records then the next you're endorsing them and becoming friends. Just another thing to cross off our long list of "things-to-do-before-you-die".

After all these years, Matt and I will finally be able to see Misery Signals live for the first time tomorrow. And for free! Haha thanks Karl! Our good friends in Arsonists Get All the Girls are also playing so make sure you come out for a brutal night. Darkest Hour is also a ridiculously talented and amazing band.

To check out Misery Signals, visit
For info on tomorrow's show, visit the House of Blues Sunset Strip website.

If you're going, see you there!

- Vince

Monday, August 25, 2008

Told You So

Bringin' the heat, literally.

Limited to 50. Available starting this weekend in San Francisco, CA at the DUNKXCHANGE events at our table, along with the rest of our remaining 1st year stock (all tees $15, deals negotiable). For more info on DXC, please visit!

Come hang out both days! Saturday August 30th is the DXC x ACTIVE "SK8 DAY" and Saturday August 31st is the actual Dunkxchange.

See you in San Francisco!

- Vince

Right Coast

For those of you on the east coast, we just dropped some of our Summer stock over at THE HUB in Bethlehem, PA! Their shop looks great and we hope to one day be able to stop by and say hello to Kyle and crew. If you're out there, check them out along with our other east coast retailers. Our list of retailers is posted on our page at

And next week we'll be chillin' at the club throwing some shirts out. Come hang!

- Vince

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Like a stone, like a stone!

It has been quite the busy week trying to catch up on work after the 1 Year Anniversary weekend. As you may or may not know, my brother Matt and I also run a screen printing company called GLAD RAGS INK which occupies most of our time while we are in the office (for the record, it's still weird to say that we have an 'office'). With the help of our long-time friend Robert Pfeffer, we recently went 'legit' with GR and finally invested into our own cozy little warehouse and office in City of Industry, literally right down the street from our former 'headquarters' - the Apostol residence in Hacienda Heights, CA.

While we're on the topic, I might as well get some facts straight about both our young companies. For some reason, people have been confused at the whole GR/L&O co-existence. Glad Rags Ink is run by my brother Matt, Robert, and myself (Vince) while LOUD& OBNOXIOUS is run by Matt, Brian, and myself. GR is a screen printing company and L&O is a clothing brand which came as a direct result of us having our own screen printing company. I think the part where people get really confused is the fact that GR technically prints for L&O, which also means that L&O prints everything themselves. It's all the same! I hope that cleared it up a bit haha!

Because of the move, L&O now also calls the City of Industry office its home and we couldn't be happier with our current setup. All of us have always had a fierce DIY mentality and strong ambition to do something less monotone with our lives. It's amazing what you can do when you're 'armed with a mind' (lyric: Have Heart). We know we're sitting on a massive amount of potential and will continue to push ourselves to keep upholding a brand with meaning. With the Fall season on the horizon, we're very excited about all the bigger plans that we have and can't wait to share them with you.

And now, here's the news you were REALLY waiting for: upcoming events/releases!

This coming weekend we will be up in lovely San Francisco, CA once again for the wonderful event known as DUNKXCHANGE. The festivities are currently set for August 30th & 31st 
so make sure to check out the DXC website ( for more information on the events. All tees will be on sale at $15 a tee and as usual, just come to our table and maybe we can work out some ridiculous deals for you. Last but certainly not least, we will have a very special surprise that will be on sale starting at this SF DXC event. I can't tell you what it is yet, but let's just say we're bringin' the heat.


Due to popular demand, we've decided to do a small (and I mean, small!) re-print of the LA Torre tee in both white and dodger blue. All re-prints will only be available at two locations - most of them at Authentix in Claremont, CA and the rest will be at the LOUD& OBNOXIOUS office in City of Industry, CA. We will be announcing a date on the release soon so keep checking back because this will be last you'll see of the LA Torre for a long time!


For those of you paying attention, ToyBoxTim picked up some Fall and Winter stock from us a while back but was never able to fully make it available on his online store due to some technical difficulties. After nearly a year, Tim is back and so is his online store and it's better than ever! He will be updating it soon after his return from the MAGIC Tradeshow this coming week and L&O's rare, old stock will finally be available again. So if you're still paying attention, this means that a certain 'scandalous' t-shirt from our debut Fall season might just be available. Uh oh. ;)


For all you Southern Cali folks, our good friends at LA LEMON will be having a sample sale this Saturday. Check that shit out! We hear big things are on the way from those dudes. Sick like Sars!


Speaking of good friends, the dudes from FLY ROBOT stopped by at the office the other night to pick up their Fall Quickstrike which Glad Rags Ink happily printed for them! Make sure you stop by their blog and check out what's going on over there. Elie took some sweet paparazzi photos of me in the office trying to reject some phone solicitors. Some smart guys over at Fly Robot, they get their daily dose of hater-ade just like us! Hahaha!


And of course, shameless self-promotion for our other company - GLAD RAGS INK is currently doing an End of Summer Deal - 100 white shirts w/ 1 color print for only $375 and 50 white shirts w/ 1 color print for only $200! No fees, no delays, no bull. You will get your tees in a week, no joke. If you're looking for a quick and dirty deal, hit me up at my email -! Please visit for more information.

Alright, it's Saturday night. I'm gonna go rage. If you're goin' out, always remember:
Please rage, responsibly.

- Vince

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


For making our 1 Year Anniversary Sale / BBQ a HUGE success! We seriously did not believe how many people were lined up outside before we opened up. Over the year, we still can't believe how far we've come, and to see this when we opened our doors, really blew our minds! Thank you everyone that came down early that day and was patient enough to endure the sun for a couple minutes before being let in.
We had the grill going shortly after opening our gates! Hope everyone that came down got some food! Our buddies at DAM Image Trends set up a photo booth for everyone that showed up (photos posted up on their site!) We were going to have a special guest in the photo booth but we had some technical problems and it just didn't happen.
This guy bought a lot of shirts. Grow up to be just like him at!

To find yourself in the photo booth and roaming pictures, go to!

Thanks to DJ Dann for spinning on the ones and twos!

There was also a little exhibit / shrine showcasing the history of our brand. Including our first test print of the Hudgens tee, to see how our first halftones would come out!
Hope you all signed the guestbook!

Now for those of you that didn't come on Saturday, we were talking about some exclusive gift bags available at the sale. It included an L&O tote bag, decals, fortune cookies, an L&O coin purse / pocket (thanks to Jaimee!), and an EXCLUSIVE friends and family tee for the event. Maybe next time everybody!

It was really hectic and to our surprise quite packed! Saw a lot of familiar faces (thanks for coming down!!!) and met a lot of new people.

Thanks to these guys for being the first ones there!

Some pictures before the storm...

Yes, we really like to Do It Ourselves.

Nancy baked us an exclamation points cake to go along with our 1 year anniversary! THANKS NANCY!

Photo Credits:
-Matthew Sinks Photography (for more pictures go here)
-DAM Image Trends (Photobooth and Roaming, go here)
-Debbie Tan
-Nancy Woo
-Jane Kim

Thanks to EVERYONE that came out! Thanks to even people that didn't come out! Thank you Debbie for all those drinks you bought us. Thank you Jaimee Sia for all the time spent on those amazingly crafted and packaged pockets! Thank you to Matt's bun hookup! Thanks to JR Party Rentals for hooking us up with those tables and chairs! Thank you Martin for the EZ-up and cooler. Thank you David for the wonderful pictures. Thank you Dann for providing us with some tunes! Thanks to Nancy for the cake. Thanks Mark for grilling. Thanks to all of you from San Jose for coming on down for the sale! Thanks TIEFIGHTER and We Are Vapors for being in the HOUSE! Thanks BJ from Dillinger Escape Plan for the case of Java Monsters! Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Apostol for the tacos and the countless nights you have been patient with us at your house! Seriously, we thank you for even considering coming down to celebrate our 1 year anniversary! It was a blast! If I forgot anybody, I'm sorry but we are very grateful to have had such a wonderful day, we honestly could not have asked for more! Thanks for making it happen! And no worries, L&O is NOT stopping anytime soon, we're here to just pump out more and more great things for all of you! Thanks for the continued love and support, we would be nowhere without you.

Thanks for stopping by.

Brian Obnoxious and the L&O Crew