Wednesday, December 26, 2007

'Tis the season to be lazy!

So we finally decided that we had gone WAY too long without a blog update. We've been taking pictures of the events and happenings in the last two weeks and compiled a little adventure for you to look at. Enjoy! We promise to make more updates more often from now on :)

Work, work, work.

Live and die..

Popeye hangs out when we work late. Keeping us safe from the bad guys!

Torre's ghost?!

Your front is wearing thin..

We work.. rain or shine!

At around midnight, Mikeylife IMs me and says "Let's make pizza". That's it. I found it hilarious and showed Justine and with a serious tone she says, "I'm down! Let's do it. Tell Mike to be a man of his word and let's do it!" Sure enough, we were on our way to Winco to buy supplies and here's the end result! Ingredients: pizza crust, four cheese alfredo sauce, spinach, tomatoes, grilled chicken, mozarella/four cheese blend, and mushrooms.

Markay, Mikeylife, Justine, Matt, and I enjoying our slices.

We also made homemade pizookies another night. Matt made his special batch of cookies and we picked up some ice cream, and voila!

LX raging on some calories.

As a result of our parents' most recent Vegas trip, Matt got a brand new iMac computer. For some reason, our dad is a high roller in Vegas and he gets huge rewards for the points he racks up when he gambles. We're not really rich at all, but my dad is just incredibly skilled at staying in games for a long time and holding his own. They brought home a lot of crazy junk including the iMac, an iPod, digital camera, laptop, warming trays, and in the past they've brought home stuff like a standalone fire pit, flat screen LCD TV, 5 speaker sound/entertainment system, iPods, and a Bose iPod sound deck. Outta control right?

So here's what our "office" looks like now!

I upgraded to a double monitor setup since he doesn't need his anymore! And Brian gets to use the laptop. Sweet!

As an early Christmas present from some family friends, I got 4 tickets to the Ducks vs. Sharks game and decided to take Mikeylife, Danny Danger, and Baby Jase with me. The Sharks won in a shootout but at least the seats were gnarly.

It's also really awesome when people leave video games at your house.. like Guitar Hero 3 and Rock Band.

And finally, some Winter Collection photos with some fun stuff added for good measure. See ya at the next update!

Sneak peek?!

Just do it?

Vanessa goes into hiding..

Good night!