Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sun Your Buns.

Our boys Vince and Matt will be embarking on the road once again. This time on the Sun Your Bunz Tour. Make sure to check out the dates! Also, tour exclusive merch!

Before they leave however, we have been busily designing for our Summer line. We'll have samples and teasers up soon! 

Remember, Spring is available! Vince says," We'll be updating the page soon!"

To Order, send an email with your order inquiry to:

With Love,

Monday, June 9, 2008

Beto Can I?

To all those that made it down to the sale on Saturday, it was a lot of fun and there were a lot of great deals going around. We emptied a LOT of stock at this sale. Shirts were being thrown around for free, we had some 3 for $20 deals, 4 for 2 deals, buy 1 get 1 free deals. Thanks again to Marcus for coming down, waiting til we opened shop, then was the first to buy our new Spring line.

We are Vapors, check them out, they're a bunch of really cool guys and it was a lot of fun hanging out with them at the sale.

A big "Thank You" to Joel (State of Mind, Regime) for having us at the sale, for the water, the bathroom, and the pizza.


Sometimes when I log onto the LOUD& OBNOXIOUS Myspace, I get some pretty weird messages like this one:

" I'm Sharon :)) I really feel shy, but I have to tell you, LOUD& OBNOXIOUS, that you are just a man of my dreams... I found your profile by accident but now I'm sure it's a destiny! )) Frankly speaking... I want to find a man wh will help me to realise all my fantasies, oh, feel really SO timid to write it... !!! but I mean my $exy fantasies.. ;-)))) your photos are marvellous... but I'm sure in your real life you will excite me even more! )) that's incredible... byt I'm from Hacienda Heights, California United States too! :-)) So... I would like to keep up a friendship with you, LOUD& OBNOXIOUS! You can find my spicy photos at my profile! LOUD& OBNOXIOUS, I hope you'll take a look at them and will write me smth to start our challenge :)))) ki$$ you tenderly ;)))"

Wow, these hackers are getting good. However, don't approach an entire company as "the man of your dreams". It's more like the MEN of your dreams.

Anyways, we also get some really nice messages. Like this one:

"Subject: i made this in my jewelry class

Thanks Joel from La Verne, CA for spending a week in class to make this! It looks great!

Remember, Spring Line is now available. Hit us up!

With Love,

PS. If you can skate (well), and think you got what it takes, hit us up. We're looking to put a team together.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Sunny Days and New Pictures

Once again, our good friends at DAM-IT have provided us with wonderful pictures of our new Spring Break Collection! We went on location to capture the essence of good 'ol fun in the sun! These are just a few sneak peeks at the fun to come! Don't fret, full collection pictures coming tomorrow!

Disclaimer: NO HOMO.

Reminder, we are having a Spring Preview Sale along with our buddies Regime Clothing, State of Mind Skateshop, Dope Style, and We Are Vapors. Come down! It should be an awesome time!
Yes, LOUD& ABnoxious.

Until next time,