Thursday, February 28, 2008

So Long So-Cal!

San Francisco here we come! We're heading up to the Bay tonight for the DunkxChange coming up on Saturday! It will be our Northern California debut. Lets see some love Bay area! 

Sadly, I will be the only one coming up from the L&O crew because Matt and Vince have a show on the same day. So if you live in or near Lancaster make sure to go check them out! If you're into hardcore and metal, it's definitely a show for you!

Can't wait for our time in SF!


Sunday, February 24, 2008


Available starting this Saturday March 1st, 2008
@ DUNKXCHANGE in San Francisco, CA

Collab tee w/ RAH! CLOTHING
Limited quantity - Only 60 made!

Uh oh..
Sunday Surprises!
Ain't it fun!?

- Vince

Everybody Loves Free-mond.

Our 1000th comment gets a free LOUD& OBNOXIOUS care package (t-shirt, stickers, pins). Because we care!
We will message the 1000th commenter in regards to their information.
The t-shirt given will be a complete mystery grab bag.

So go leave us a comment! (No spam please. Spam will not be counted.)

Party on!


Saturday, February 23, 2008


I'm sure most of you already know but the DUNKXCHANGE in San Francisco was moved from its previous date of today February 23rd to next Saturday March 1st. It will be our first time selling in Northern California EVER so come hang out and show us some love! We're not carried in any retailers up there yet so this might be your only chance to grab some of the Winter Collection without having to pay the full price plus shipping ($28). All tees will be priced at our DXC special of $20 each so come pick something up! Also, there are only a few Iceclamations (L&O x DEAR LIFE) crewnecks left so make sure you get it before it's gone! There were only about 20 of them made. If that's not "limited", I don't know what is! Crewneck is $40 at DXC only.

Also, we might have a little surprise for you guys. A very exclusive and collaborative surprise, maybe?
RAH! I mean, cough cough.. Haha! Man, I gotta get rid of this sickness.

But anyway! Come chill with us! We're stoked about SF, that's for sure.

And as always, if you're interested in any of the Winter Collection, make sure to send an email to EMAIL@LOUDOBNOXIOUS.COM to order!

- Vince

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Flavors of the Week

Hey guys, it's Vince again. I've decided to start an installation for this blog called FLAVORS OF THE WEEK. Basically, it will just be a weekly update about stuff that we all enjoy for that certain week; our favorite anything for that given week. Mainly just to share whatever cool things we like with all of you! You know when someone asks you, "Hey, do you like (insert music, food, place, tv show, movie, etc.)?" and your response was, "Oh, I've heard of it but I never got around to checking it out." Well this is for those moments because I've always hated missing out on all the simple thrills of life.

So here's a start to a new installment of the LOUD& OBNOXIOUS blog:


Lee's Sandwiches
type of flavor: restaurant

For years, I've driven by these places and never really had enough interest to go inside and try it. In recent months, Brian started taking us and ever since, we've been visiting regularly during our weekly errand runs en route to Orange County. The sandwiches are basically the result of a clash of French and Vietnamese flavors. In my opinion, the most delicious part of the sandwich is the price! You can't beat a sandwich for a little over $2. Go see for yourself! Check out what Lee is cookin' @!

Almost Heroes
type of flavor: movie

Almost Heroes is one of the most underrated comedy movies of Chris Farley's time. Apparently, something they forgot to tell you about in the History books was that Lewis and Clark had a rival duo. The movie is a fictional tale of the two unrecognized and unlikely men who supposedly beat Lewis and Clark to the Pacific Ocean. It's full of crazy adventures and retardedly funny antics. Rent it at your local video store!

Burt's Bees
type of flavor: lip balm

During our stay in Las Vegas for Dunkxchange and MAGIC, the horrendously windy weather brought about some of the worst chapped lips I've ever experienced! I was walking around the entire time with deep red colored lips, not to mention the extra ring of redness and dryness AROUND my lips. I inherited a stick of Burt's Bees lip balm from my brother and ever since then, my lips have been in paradise! I urge you to go out and grab some Burt's Bees if your puckers are experiencing the same fate as mine.

- Vince

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

RIP Spc. Louis G. Kim

March 8, 1987 - February 20, 2007

Today it is a year since Louis passed. We still miss him and love him very much. All we can do now is remember and cherish his memory. Just rejoice in the way he used to make us laugh and how he used to make us cry because of the laughing haha! I'll always remember him for his crazy antics, fresh personality, and overall kindness and warmth. He was the one who introduced us to a ton of really cool bands that we never bothered to check out, like Mae. We actually first met Louis through Matt because they were in the drumline together at Los Altos High School. They became good friends and he just started coming by to our house almost everyday after school. He'd eat our food and instead of calling our mom "Mrs. Apostol", he would call her "mom" too. She took it the hardest when we first heard news of his death. It didn't hit me or Matt until we actually saw his body laying in the casket. It's one of those feelings where you can't help but explode into tears and immediately feel lost and overwhelmed with sadness.

He voluntarily chose to go to war for this country, and ended up giving his life and paying the ultimate price. He was one of the most giving and unselfish people I knew when he was in our lives and I still miss the way he would drop in and hang out with us.

We miss you.

Everything that Matt and I do in this life, we dedicate to Louis. We know he would've been there for us through thick and thin so we're going to live our lives to their fullest in his honor.

Cherish the ones you love and care about.
When it's all said and done, they're the only ones that matter.

- Vince

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


For our Winter Collection, we decided to do a little collaborative idea with the band DEAR LIFE. Matt and I started this band over 4 years ago with our friend Daniel and have been going at it strong ever since. You never really notice when something you love continues to grow because it just becomes such a big part of your life that it's only natural. All these years, my brother and I have kept the mindset of always trying for bigger and better things. Whether it's the band, our printing company GLAD RAGS INK, or L&O, we've always felt like we were destined for something larger than life. We pride ourselves on making a living for ourselves, rather than waiting on others or choosing the path that everyone else has taken before us. There's a drive and ambition behind Matt, Brian, and myself that I simply cannot explain. It's just there, and we can feel it. It turns us into workaholics, addicted to the notion that we could fully do anything we want with our lives as long as we do our best to make it happen.

I've always been fascinated by the Earth's beauty. There's so much out there left to see, even when we think the Earth is such a small, small world. I wrote a song called "Icebergs" on DEAR LIFE's latest record, which is called "Framework" (coming out spring 2008 on Uprising Records! haha). Basically, the song is about the potential that each of us has, just like an iceberg. Deep down inside each of us "under the water" or "beneath the surface", there is a massive potential to do something great in life. I feel like everyone has this ability built in; each person is an iceberg and each person has something to offer. The difference between each of us is the way we all tap into our potential and choose to use it.

This design and the song is a dedication to all of those people who have ever felt like they could be something more. If you've ever questioned yourself about that, well, the answer is YES. We are all meant for something more. The design depicts a glorious iceberg embedded into our "trademark" exclamations logo. The back features lyrics from the song "Icebergs" with the L&O X DEAR LIFE collab marking. The design is also available in a white crewneck, but the crewneck features a small elegant L&O logo on the right sleeve on the wrist.

Limited edition. Limited quantity. Pick it up before it runs out!
The tee is $25 and the crewneck is $45 and only available at LOUDOBNOXIOUS.COM!

- Vince

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Viva Las Business Trip.

We've had quite the eventful week / weekend. On Wednesday we made our way to Las Vegas to appear at DunkxChange and MAGIC. Staying up late with all the excitement and preparations, then having to wake up early to depart leaves us looking like the bunch of not so happy campers.

Bartholomew had to get a new look before we left as well. I really should wash him.

Home Suite Home for the next couple days.

Checked in with a couple tools of the trade.

After all these shenanigans we high tailed it to DunkxChange at the Beauty Bar to set up. It was a very windy night with sideways palm trees and street signs swaying back and forth. Our displays got covered in dust, but it was well worth all the people we've met and the good times we had.

Here are our good friends in RAH! / Fully Laced.

Like I said, windy.

About MAGIC, you can go to anyone and their mom's blog to see pictures from MAGIC. Pretty much, it was huge and very eye opening. Getting to see what's in store (no pun intended) for the months to come and meeting new people. We pretty much went into MAGIC as a bunch of newbs with no idea of what to expect. But upon exit, we were rejuvenated with thoughts of what we needed to accomplish as a brand to bring you (the consumer) bigger and better things.

We enjoyed our time sharing enlightening conversations with EK5OBITION, Tommy from OBEY, Imaginary Kingdom, the Rooted Movement / 5STAR ARMY crew, Tina from Premium Label, and Zach from Thoroughbredz.
Breakfast of champions before getting on the showroom floor.

Back to the room before our little Vegas shop hopping session.

During our excursion to Las Vegas, we've come to know that the Vegas urban / "streetwear" scene is very open and welcoming, filled with friendly people with open arms and open hearts. It's insane to think how quickly we became acquainted and befriended people in the 702. Very different to how the culture is out here in California.

The next three stores I'm about to mention are filled with the greatest employees and a great "hangout" atmosphere.

EPIC- They have a great selection of shoes and carry BBC, Ice Cream, ALIFE, Nike (they have a quickstrike account), and VANS.

Cloth and Canvas-A nicely set up boutique reminiscent of your local convenient store with an artsy twist. They carry choice denim, OBEY, Hellz Bellz, Gravis, and VANS. We had the opportunity to hang out with the owner Cyndy and Rico. They were nice enough to give us a case of Premium Good Diet Pepsi which came in a really cool collectible bottle. (Pics of the Coke later.)

Paul of SoleSnatcher / LA Lemon / Fresh Prints fame.

Thoroughbredz- Located in the same plaza as Cloth and Canvas, they are the exact opposite. With more of a streetball type of feel, they carry brands such as Mishka, Nike, Twelve Bar, Undrcrwn, Mama, and many others.

A big thank you goes out to Mr. Augusto Apostol (Matt and Vince's Father) for getting us our spectacular suite and for just coming with us to Vegas. It is greatly appreciated and Vegas could never be experienced like this with anyone else.

We are also now on Dannyboy's (La Coka Nostra) Daily Dose. Go check it out, we were interviewed by one of the writers, Ryan Rescobar.

And last but definitely not least, we just had a photoshoot with DAM-IT. Thanks again! Go check them out on our myspace!

All right folks, that's it for today. WHEW! Remember to check back often, we got a lot of motivation and drive to pursue our passions and to bring you more than ever!

Thanks to all the supporters out there who have turned this project into something more than "just for fun". Be on the lookout!


PS. Told you we'd update this thing more.