Thursday, January 28, 2010

City of SINdustry

Ever notice how many strip clubs are in City of Industry?

These are both on Valley Blvd, and everyone knows Paradise is next door to our warehouse complex on Valley as well.

Still on Valley Blvd..

Now we're on Gale Ave.

I grew up on Gatlin Ave. right across from the Hawaiian Theater.

Gives me a couple ideas for Summer 10. Haha keep an eye out!

- Vince

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Step Into My Office

Starting with our Holiday 09 collection, we've decided to open our office as a pop-up shop where you can pick up some L&O gear straight from the source.

If you would like to stop by and pick something up, please call in advance for an appointment. You can reach us at 626-336-4726. We also run Glad Rags Ink out of the same office so please be sure to call in advance to make an appointment to avoid schedule conflict.

Glad Rags Ink / L&O Office
14258 Valley Blvd, Suite C
City of Industry, CA 91746

We look forward to meeting you!

- Vince

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Building Until We Break The Sky

Dear Life's music video for "Framework" has been posted. Peep all the L&O in the mix!

As most of you know, Matt and I have been in this band for over 6 years and now we've all come to a point where we feel it is necessary to call it quits. We've all moved onto more significant things in our lives and it is just part of life. Don't get me wrong, we're all still the best of friends and hang out on a daily basis and will most likely continue to be musically creative in the future.

We only have two more shows left and both of them will be in Southern California. On January 30th, we will play our last IE show at The Nitty Gritty in Rancho Cucamonga, CA with Tiefighter. We've had a lot of memorable shows there so we wanted to make sure we said a proper goodbye to one of our favorite stages.

Our final show ever will be here at the Glad Rags Ink / L&O warehouse on February 13th and we will be playing once again with our best friends in Tiefighter. We will be playing every song we've ever written, maybe even some new ones and some cover songs. All merchandise will be at liquidation prices and the show is FREE!

So mark your calendars, we hope to see you here! Come rage with us one last time!

- Vince

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Holiday 09 Lookbook

Our Holiday 09 collection is now available for purchase in our WEBSTORE and at Karmaloop! Quantities are even more limited than before because we've picked up a few more retail accounts. Shop now! DON'T SLEEP!

Also, don't forget that you can also pick up our Holiday 09 collection at all our new RETAILERS! Read below for details.

Happy shopping!

- Vince

Friday, January 15, 2010


First off, we apologize once again for making you guys wait so long for our Holiday 09 collection to drop online! We had severe technical difficulties with our photographer and had to wait for our product photos to be finished. We originally planned on dropping the line BEFORE the holidays (hence the name "Holiday 09") but shit happens.

Our Holiday 09 collection will drop online on TUESDAY JAN 19TH. Starting that date, you will be able to purchase the products here at our WEBSTORE and on Karmaloop. I have to warn you though, quantities are even more limited than before because we've picked up a few more RETAILER accounts. Save the date and DON'T SLEEP!

Also, don't forget that you can also pick up our Holiday 09 collection at all our new RETAILERS! Read below for details.

Stay tuned, spread the word, and we'll see you Tuesday!

- Vince

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Brooklyn Projects

We are very proud to announce the newest retailer to join our growing family - BROOKLYN PROJECTS.

The amount of history and culture behind the Brooklyn Projects name is unmatched here in Los Angeles, and most of the streetwear and skate world, so we are honored to become a part of that. BP has been one of our favorite stores for a long time now because they've always kept it as real as possible. For us to begin working with them is a dream come true, and we are extremely excited for the opportunities that lie before us.

Our current Holiday 09 collection is now available at Brooklyn Projects Pasadena (follow them on Twitter for updates and specials). For address and contact info, please visit our RETAILERS page! Big thanks to Andrew and Melloe over at BP for giving us a shot! Much love and respect.

Also, we know you guys love FREE stuff so we decided to offer a NEW Incentive Program t-shirt for Brooklyn Projects in their trademark shade of blue.

All you have to do is go to Brooklyn Projects in Pasadena, purchase any L&O product, and send us your receipt/proof of purchase to along with your t-shirt size and shipping address - and we will ship this t-shirt to you for FREE!

Awesome, right? You show love for us and our retailers, and YOU get FREE stuff! Everybody wins! And don't forget, we also have an Incentive Program promotion running with El Mercado in Los Angeles and Balance Lifestyles in Orange County. All you have to do is send us proof that you purchased any L&O product from any of those stores and we'll send you a t-shirt for FREE.

By the way, if you've been patiently waiting for our Holiday 09 collection to drop online in our WEBSTORE and on Karmaloop, we appreciate your patience and we are happy to announce that it will finally be releasing this weekend. Stay tuned!


- Vince

Monday, January 11, 2010

Cut & Sew

In the past couple weeks, we've been having some big meetings. One of those was with a company called Melwanis MFG.

Vishaal, Mohit, and Bryant run a tight ship here and their cut and sew game is serious. Manufacturing is their passion and it shows.

We were lucky enough to have been contacted by them and we are thankful that they did because, honestly, we have no idea how to even start working on a cut and sew line. What's great about their company is that they are willing to work with the smaller companies to help them grow and mature. Perfect timing too because this is the year we're going big!

By the way, none of those garments are ours and we're not using any of those patterns. This isn't a teaser. Or is it? Ok, seriously, it's not.

These guys manufacture garments for some of your favorite brands and we are looking forward to a fruitful relationship with them as well. Since we run our own screen printing company (Glad Rags Ink), we know how it feels to be able to provide a quality service that everyone enjoys.

It's only a couple weeks into 2010, and we're already planning far ahead into the Fall/Winter months. I think you can call that progression.

- Vince

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Little Bit Louder Now

We like our logo and we like colors. Logo tees from our Holiday 09 collection:

For more details on our Holiday 09 release, please read below. We apologize for the delays!

- Vince

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fall Forward

First off, I want to apologize for the delay in the release of our Holiday 09 collection. I know a lot of you have been waiting a few weeks for us to post the products in our ONLINE SHOP and on Karmaloop, but the situation is out our hands. Our photographer has been working on the product photos we took for the line and we're just waiting on him to get those back to us. We're hoping to have the collection online ASAP so please keep checking back!

Like we mentioned before, most of our Holiday 09 offering is actually available now at El Mercado in Los Angeles and Balance Lifestyles in Orange County and you can buy from both of them online as well. Also, if you purchase any L&O item from either of those stores and show us proof of purchase, we will send you a FREE exclusive L&O t-shirt as part of our Incentive Program. You can read more about it below if you scroll down a few entries.

Anyway, while you're waiting, I thought I'd show you some of the other graphic t-shirts from Holiday 09. This particular selection of t-shirts are designs previously from Fall 09, but we wanted to offer our new retailers some new colorways.

The Conquerors Tee in black. Now available at Balance Lifestyles.

The No Good Tee in red.

The Milo Tee in black. Now available at Balance Lifestyles.

The Still Sucks Tee in black. Now available at Balance Lifestyles.

The Living Well Tee in athletic heather. Now available at El Mercado.

The Living Well Tee in purple. Now available at Stop 4 Traffic in Dallas, TX.

Thanks for your patience! More updates coming very soon.

- Vince

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dear Life's Final Shows

Most people don't know this, but without Dear Life there would be no Glad Rags Ink, and without Glad Rags Ink there would be no L&O.

My brother Matt and I have been starting projects together all of our lives and Dear Life was the first thing we ever took seriously. We started the hardcore/metalcore band in 2003 and eventually would end up needing some merchandise. After being sick and tired of dealing with crappy local screen printers, we finally decided to give it a shot ourselves. Coming from a DIY background from the punk scene, it only came as second nature to us to try and do it ourselves. After a few months of trial and error in our home garage, Matt had become very fluent with a silk screen and a squeegee and I started hustling locals and non-locals to print their shirts with us. The rest is history.

After over 5 years as a band, we feel that it's finally time to call it quits. We've all grown up and life has given us new responsibilities so unfortunately music won't be our career. We still love music and it will always be a part of us, but we'd rather go out with a bang while we still can. We've played hundreds of shows, made countless life-long friends, and toured the country. We worked hard for everything we had, and even had it all taken away from us. We've seen the music industry at it's worst and we've seen it at it's best. Almost everything and everyone currently involved in my life can be traced back to Dear Life somehow, and for that I am very thankful. I wouldn't trade these memories for anything in the world. We risked everything. We regret nothing.

There will be 3 final shows in California. Jan 16th in Santa Cruz at the 418 Project for our last Northern California show, Jan 30th at the Nitty Gritty in Rancho Cucamonga, and finally Feb 13th here at the Glad Rags Ink warehouse in lovely City of Industry. For more information, please visit

It's been real.

- Vince