Friday, May 25, 2012

L&O / GLAD RAGS INK Goes to Disneyland!

To show our appreciation to our GLAD RAGS INK / L&O staff for all the hard work they have put in to help our screen printing shop and clothing company grow, we decided to treat them to a day at the happiest place on Earth - DISNEYLAND! At first, we didn't have any extracurricular plans for the day but then someone mentioned that we should do matching shirts or tank tops. Then immediately after that, we had another genius idea- since we are based out of Southern California and we know that a ton of our awesome customers, fans, and friends also live in Southern California, we decided to make this open to EVERYONE to join in the fun. If you live in Southern California and have a Disneyland pass, COME HANG OUT WITH US!

Here's the deal- at first, these shirts were just going to be for our crew but then we decided that we should have all of you join our crew! Essentially, we want to do a little Disneyland "TAKEOVER". I mean, how cool would it be for all of us to go throughout the theme parks all wearing the same tees on the same day? If I saw a crew walking past like that, I would want to know what was going on.


SUNDAY JUNE 10TH - We'll be there all day so if you have an annual pass or just want to go to Disneyland, come hang out with us!

TEES / TANK TOPS - $15 EACH! These products are PRE-ORDER items and will only be available for LOCAL PICKUP from our office. No shipping. We will be taking pre-orders from Friday 5/25 to Sunday 6/3. As soon as we have all pre-orders, we will be producing the tees and tank tops and they will be ready for LOCAL PICKUP between Tuesday 6/5 to Friday 6/8. These are the ONLY days to pick up. We will NOT be taking garments to the theme park to meet up and distribute. Sorry! To schedule your pickup, you can contact us at or our office phone 626-336-4726.

You can find the tees and tank tops in our ONLINE SHOP now! Pre-order yours so you can wear it with us on JUNE 10TH!

Let's get magical!

- Vince

Thursday, May 17, 2012

SPRING / SUMMER 2012 Delivery 1

Our SPRING/SUMMER 2012 Delivery 1 collection is now available in our ONLINE SHOP! To view our lookbook, CLICK HERE!

- Vince