Monday, March 31, 2008

Any Giving Sunday!

We're feeling generous today, and just wanted to have some fun with all of you.. so here is one more contest to end the night.

Hopefully you're all still up, so check this out!

This one is a 10 question trivia scavenger hunt. All of the answers can be found online. Be creative to find them! Check our myspace, our blog, and maybe even our top friends (hint!). Pay attention to details for certain questions so that you fill the blanks correctly.

Some are a tiny bit harder than others, so dig deep!
When you finish answering all the questions, MESSAGE them to us on myspace.
Don't post them up so that no one else can see your answers!

Have fun!
1.What band wrote the lyrics on the Changing Face shirt?
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _
2.What does Vince's tattoo say?
_ _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _
3. Brian's band has a hoodie that spoofs another streetwear/skate brand. 
What brand is it?
_ _ _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _   _ _
4. Matt and Vince run a screen printing company who also prints for LOUD& OBNOXIOUS.
What is it called?
_ _ _ _   _ _ _ _    _ _ _
5.According to our blog, where did Brian sleep when L&O visited San Francisco for Dunkxchange?
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
6.What record label is Vince and Matt's band currently on?
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _     _ _ _ _ _ _ _
7.Who was the first to interview LOUD& OBNOXIOUS?
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
8.Where did the original Fast Times take place?
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _      _ _ _ _
9. Our Fall line features an animal commiting "suicide".
Who was the original artist behind his weapon of choice?
_ _ _ _    _ _ _ _ _ _
10. L&O's beer of choice. Name it.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _     _ _ _ _ _

p.s. and speaking of GIVING.. here's a Spring teaser.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

March Madness

Hey guys! Vince here.. finally!
My amp case.

Our tour van (AKA Danny Tanner) in Erie, PA.

The last day of tour in Chicago, IL

Sorry for being a little M.I.A. for the past few weeks. We've been going through some changes in our lives that has made us a little too busy. Brian is currently in the middle of moving into his new place and also going to school as a full time student. As Brian mentioned in the previous blog, Matt and I currently find our time taken up mostly by our band DEAR LIFE. We recently got signed this year for our latest record and will finally be able to tour full time across the country and hopefully the world. Not only that, but while we're home, Matt and I run our screen printing company GLAD RAGS INK as much as we can because that is our main source of income at the moment.

Obviously, we don't have to tell you all of this but we feel like we want you guys to be able to connect with us on a different level from most brands. We want you to know us personally so that the product that you purchase from us means a little more than just some business trying to make a quick buck. We want you to understand where we come from and what L&O really means to us. We have big dreams, but sometimes it just takes a little more time to reach them.

March has been a really intense month, especially for Matt and I. At first, everything was super peachy and great. We got the chance to tour with one of our favorite hardcore bands of all time, COMEBACK KID, and finally get on the road and have some fun. Little did we know that things would soon turn tragic. Very tragic. People very close to us would soon experience life and death situations. Some would have to be rushed to the emergency room. Some would be diagnosed with cancer. One of them even diagnosed terminally ill. Some would even end up passing away. It has been a crazy month, but all I have to say is that I am thankful to have all of our friends and family and all the support that everyone has shown for each other.

At the moment, we are currently finishing up the Spring Line and working our butts off to catch up on everything, including getting a head start on the Summer drop! We're all leading double and triple lives with school, work, and our bands so sometimes it's hard to keep up. Sometimes those lives even manage to intertwine and overlap, which usually results in my head exploding.

Anyway, thank you for your support and we hope you will keep in touch! We will NOT stop as long as we are able to make it happen. Watch out for SPRING and SUMMER on the horizon!

And just for good measure, here's my FLAVOR OF THE WEEK:

Molca Salsa
Type of Flavor: Food

On any other day, I think Brian would be the more likely person to post this as a Flavor of the Week. Every time we see him, he's ALWAYS down to go eat Molca Salsa. "Hey Vince, have you guys eaten yet? Are you hungry?".. "Umm yeah I'm down to eat, what's up?".. "Molca Salsa?!" he says with a really big grin on his face. In fact, I bet when I see him today he's going to ask if I'm down. And today, the answer is yes haha! The reason why I felt like posting it up is because it is literally the 1st thing we ate when we all returned home from tour. If it wasn't Molca Salsa, it would've been In n Out, but I think we all just wanted to feel like we were REALLY home. There's nothing like a greasy, hole-in-the-wall Mexican food feast. It has been a local favorite for our friends for a while now and since it's open 24 hours, it's also a great place to sober up or unwind after a glorious rage with your best buddies. The burritos are usually a safe choice, but my favorite as of late is the shrimp burrito. The overall favorite amongst most of our friends is the almighty Super Fries. Basically, take everything that you would normally put inside a carne asada burrito (and I'm talkin' EVERYTHING.. the works!) and lay it all on top of hot, fresh fries. The ultimate munchies meal. Man, I'm getting hungry now. I hope Matt and Brian show up soon so we can get some right now!

(Further proving our undying love for the Molca.)


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Springtime is for Busy Bees.

Since our last post, we've had a lot going on. We went to SF (sorry for the delayed update), World of Dance Tour, and Matt and Vince have been on tour with hardcore legends Comeback Kid.

To make things just a little bit easier, I've decided on just giving you a quick rundown through some visual story telling.

San Francisco:
The crew for the weekend, Chuck and Ramiro.


The night of our arrival, we spent the night at Josh's house (Matt and Vince's cousin also of LIVELOUD Indian Skull fame). Being from an artistic background, there was just a lot to see around the house. It was hard NOT to get caught up wandering around just taking it all in.

And yes, all three of us slept on this together. It was majestic.

Somebody REALLY loves Slayer.

No tourist is complete without the stereotypical clam chowder bread bowl from the Wharf.

Chuck met his long lost brother on the Wharf.
After we got all our site-seeing done, Jon (RAH!, fullylaced) invited us to join them at a RAH! release party that took place at Poleng bar and club.
Yes, I called the LoveSac.

This is Jon's dog Choi. He's cute, has thumbs, and ate my toothpaste.
San Francisco is quite beautiful.
Onto DunkxChange
We got to meet our fellow buddies from SF.
Some Rainforest Cafe x action.
Mike from RAH! gets down with a dog.
Here we have the Hall of Shame of wonderfully crafted fake products. NEVER support fakes.

Before departure, we decided to grab gyros and pizza with the RAH! guys on Haight.

That's what she said Chuck, that's what she said.

So long sweet San Francisco. The weekend was great. Filled with good times and good people. I wouldn't trade any of this for the world. If you're passionate enough, go start your own brand, make some clothes, meet some people, and travel. You won't regret it.

A special thank you goes out to Josh Principe for letting us spend a night at your wonderful house. Sorry we only hung out for 10 minutes.

Jon, Melanie, Mike, Jeff, and everyone else from RAH! thanks for the accommodations and for showing us around. You guys are ALWAYS welcome down here in LA. Bay Area heads, thanks for accepting us with open arms and showing us a good time at DunkxChange.

Chuck and Ramiro, thanks for taking the time out of your weekend and coming up to join me on our journey to Northern California.

World of Dance Tour x DunkxChange:
It was a completely different atmosphere compared to the other exchanges and a completely different crowd. The weather was all out of whack, starting the day nice and sunny, getting colder, raining, hailing, and back to rain. Nonetheless, it was oodles of fun and got to see some faces we haven't seen in a while. Pictures courtesy of Edward (NSB: EaZyE24)

Our table.RAH! and table.My boy Will, King Poetic.

I didn't get a chance to enter the dance hall all day. But from what I heard, it was packed all day and supposedly all the "hot girls" were hanging out in there.

Shouts to EaZyE24 for the pictures, and everyone that came by the table and said hi, bought a shirt, or just hung out. It was definitely great seeing some familiar faces again!

Big ups to 5Star Army for their Spring line Debut! Threads are looking GOOD!

Dear Life:
Matt and Vince's band has been on tour for the past 2 weeks with Comeback Kid and I deeply apologize for not talking about it at all.
Don't fret, this weekend they'll be playing the Spring Break Down Fest in San Bernadino
And Bamboozle Left in Irvine
Vince and Matt thank you. Go out, watch them play, support!

Flavors of the Week

I decided to add on to Vince's Flavors of the week with some of my flavors from the past two weeks.

7-11 Big Eats Sandwiches
Type of Flavor: Fast Food, REALLY fast food.

When you're really hungry with a close to empty wallet, it's always nice to find something cheap, quick, filling, and healthy (opposed to some). Next time you're only looking to spend $3 - $4 on a meal, head down to your local 7-11, go to the Cold Food section and pick out your favorite sandwich. They have flavors from "Smoked Turkey Breast with Swiss Cheese on Cracked Wheat Bread" to "Roast Beef and Cheddar Cheese on an Onion Roll" (two of my personal favorites by the way). And if you're REALLY lucky, some 7-11 stores have a deal where if you buy a Big Eats Sandwich, they throw in a free 32 oz. Big Gulp to go with. They taste great and you won't feel like your arteries are clogging up.

Almost Famous
Type of Flavor: Movie

I recently saw this movie after months and months of Justin telling me to. What really got me to pop it in was the fact that Vince and Matt were on tour. This movie takes place in the early '70s following an upcoming music journalist touring with Stillwater, a band. It shows in a semi warm hearted way, what it takes to be in a dedicated rock band and all the bumps in the road you'll come upon. Well maybe not what it's like NOW but what it was like when Rock n Roll was alive and kicking. Touring and being in a band is all about having a blast with your friends. If any of you reading this are in a band, I HIGHLY recommend you go rent it, buy it, steal it, borrow it, JUST WATCH IT!

Set Your Goals
Type of Flavor: Music

Speaking of bands and touring, I have religiously listened to this band for the past 2 and a half years. They're just a band I could NEVER get tired of. If I don't know what to listen to in my car or while walking to class, this is the first band I put on. They sound like a catchy pop-punk band thrown in a blender with a youth crew hardcore band from the olden days. If you're a fan of sing a longs and breakdowns, make sure to check 'em out.

Samuel Adams White Ale
Type of Flavor: Beer

This past weekend, we hung out at Robin's (Destroying Something Beautiful) house, where he offered me one of these bad boys. Let me just tell you, if you're a fan of Blue Moon or any other Belgian Ale, this is the seasonal Sam Adams for you. Goes down smooth with a subtle flavor of the diminishing Winter. Clean and crisp and VERY refreshing, if you're over 21, go buy yourself a 6 pack, sit back and enjoy. If you're under 21, go get a fake ID or pay your uncle and get yourself some of this wondrous brew. (JUST KIDDING!)

Whew, well that was quite the mouthful. Hope you all enjoyed reading and stay tuned for our Spring Line COMING SOON! Thanks for all the love and support.