Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Back in the Groove

Coming soon.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Too slow, gotta go!

Sorry bloggers, we've been lagging it again. Vince here. We've sooooo busy between work and play that it's just been ridiculous trying to catch up with everything. Last weekend we were filling a lot of orders and had some technically difficulties with some equipment. We also finally handled our first L&O photoshoot for the fall line and celebrated a bit for Melanie's birthday. Saturday was MY 21st birthday (at midnight, actually.. so technically my bday was Sunday. but who's counting?!) and oh, did we handle. After Dear Life and Azusa performed at a costume show, we took the ruckus back to my place and had ourselves a little shindig. Everyone got tossed, danced, and had some fun. More details later on everything. This is just the run through. The sneak peek. The dibble dabble. Anyway, continuing on. Sunday was lazy. Clean up and birthday dinner. Monday back to work. Tuesday, more work + I went to Maggie's Pub with the Dear Life crew and got shambizzed from $2 drink night. Wednesday, more work. And now we are here at Thursday..

Dear Life has a show in San Jose on Friday so we felt like it would be a good idea to drive up early today to go hang out in lovely San Francisco. Gonna get us some clam chowder bread bowls, ride some trolleys, shop, and rage at Babi Ashley's apartment. Should be splendid. Then Friday more SF fun plus drive to San Jose for the show. Rage. Then drive home to meet up with Brian, Justine, Katrina, and Pfeffer. Drive to Las Vegas. More rage. Earth, Wind, and Fire concert! More rage, sleep. Wake up, rage, shop til we drop. One last rage. Drive home eventually.

Yikes. We've got quite an update coming.

See you guys on the next.. ADVENTURES OF THE LOUD AND OBNOXIOUS!